I respect those who say they are tired of all of the political statements on Facebook. They have the right and privilege to ignore every post that deals with politics. However, I am aghast at the man who now resides in the White House.I feel free, to on Facebook and every other forum that is available, to stand against his daily assault on decency and racist rants. In my opinion he has been, and will continue to be a disaster who has surrounded himself with a group of fawns that are incompetent and do not represent the needs of all of the people. Scrutinizing the talents and competencies of his cabinet, I come to the conclusion that everything is rigged toward the rich and the powerful. For me , threats like climate change cannot be met with silence.Couple this with daily assaults on the free press,the judicial system and the safety net for the weakest in our society .
I, for the first time in my life, fear for the survival of our Democracy that has thrived for centuries.Friendship with those who differ with me is sacred ,but so is witness against a tyrant.

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