Mitch McConnell

We cannot continue to thrive as a nation when one man daily refuses to let the Democratic process work. The Congress was meant to be a body where vigorous debate leads to laws and processes that positively effect the lives of the American people.Lobbyists and dark money have made the body largely ineffective . However, one man has brought the legislative function to a screeching halt. Mitch McConell has become the grim reaper and refuses to let any legislation see the light of day.Our Founding Fathers never envisioned that so much leverage would reside in one person ,and there must be a way to remove this obstructionist from power.Foreign governments daily meddle with our electoral systems and even in this case McConnell refuses to bring anything to the floor. Democracy depends on transparency and voting.It may do little good, but I would urge you to contact your representatives and senators to oppose this obstructionist.

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