Salvatore Tagliareni is a storyteller, writer, business consultant, art dealer, and former Catholic priest.

For over twenty-five years he has successfully engaged private and public companies in their search for outstanding performance.

A gifted speaker, he is blessed with a great sense of humor and can invigorate an audience with his insights on life. He was profoundly influenced by his relationship with Dr.Viktor Frankl, the author of Man’s Search for Meaning.


This morning, I had the pleasure and great fortune of meeting a delightfully charming and brilliant writer from New York, whose soon-to-be-published faction (equal parts fact and fiction) novel is set to debut in mid-2012. This author, a well-spoken and gracefully aging, silver-haired Italian (Sicilian, to be exact), captured my attention in the most spellbinding way as he recounted his life’s journeys.  From his early years as a Catholic priest in New Jersey and Rome, to building his own very successful consulting firm in New York, to owning an art gallery and becoming a playwright, to today, where his life’s work (a story of Hitler’s Germany and the atrocities of the persecution of the Jews during the Holocaust) is in the midst of transition from a hopeful, carefully crafted manuscript to a real, tangible book.

His history, a timeline of vivid imagery that moved him to write this story, is punctuated by his sincerity, zest and passion for life, love and the greater good. His book, from what I can tell, is deeply rooted, emotional, thought-provoking and gut wrenching all the while draped in an overarching theme of love, goodness and most of all, humanity and humility. The struggle we all face, he says, is not solely based on good versus evil, but a tainted trifecta of sorts: good, evil and silence.

“There are the choices we have, and the choices we make,” he said. He’s right. We all have choices. And, it is our own individual destiny to be praised, remembered, criticized, regarded or hated not because of the options that laid before us, but by the choices we knowingly put into action.

Who knew that a regular old Monday would be invigorated by an Italian-New Yorker named Sal. Proof that genuine inspiration is right where you least expect it.

–Rayven Williams

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