Presidential comparisons

Remember when you start to dissect the faults of the Democratic candidates you must compare them to a man that:

Has mocked someone with a handicapping condition

Has talked and bragged about grabbing women

Has abused a “Gold Star family”

Has embraced murderous dictators

Has alienated our traditional allies

Lies consistently about everything

Has attacked the free press and the judicial system

Has children living in cages

Has the most corrupt cabinet in recent history

Has exploded the national debt

Plays golf consistently which costs the taxpayer extraordinary amounts of money

Has obstructed justice and has counseled people to lie

Has run a fake charity and broken campaign finance laws

Has a history of not paying bill for goods and services

Has failed in a series of businesses

Inherited much of the wealth that he purports to have raised

Participated in red lining schemes in attempt to keep people of color from renting

Has lied about his academic standing

Has paid pawn stars to keep his affairs secret

Has defrauded a host of students with his phony University

Has surrounded himself with fawns that have abused the public funds

Has denied climate change and was the driving force behind the “birther movement.”

Has been embraced by white nationalists and has supported those “good people”

Has punished transgender persons that have honorably served in the military

Has only one piece of legislation-a giveaway bill to the one percent and corporations.

Has members of his cabinet and transition team convicted of felonies

Has taken the word of thug Putin over his own intelligence personnel. Has cultivated hatred and violence at his rallies.

Wrote his own medical history

Used bone spurs to get out of the draft.

So before you reject anyone do a comparison shopping list.

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