Off the Rails

No party has absolute truth and America is best served when there is genuine respect and dialogue between those that lean left and right. Currently our political environment is so far off the rails that I fear we are headed off the cliff. Partisan politics cloud every issue and there are no real statespersons that seem capable of unifying the country on all the major challenges that face us. Institutions that are the backbone of our heritage are attacked relentlessly and facts no longer are considered unless they match immediate political needs. The congress has become a place where reelection is the goal rather than service to country. Add this to a White House that is in complete chaos and the perils that face America are more internal than external. Instead of leading toward ways to negotiate solutions on immigration, poverty ,racism climate change and a host of other mammoth hurdles the focus is on finding anonymous culprits who write editorials. There are no immediate solutions but November is perhaps the last attempt to snatch the chaos before it travels down a path that has no positive ending. Voting out any and all who are beyond redemption is the first step .

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