The best part of writing “on the Corner” is the feedback from persons who have reconnected with friends after reading it.Life’s journey is so blessed when along the way we develop relationships that are priceless.Every day I wake up with the realization that friendships are treasures that should never be taken for granted. Sometimes we lose touch with friends and get caught up in the thousands of responsibilities that require our attention.It serves us well to let those that have been there for us that we still think fondly of them .Today I will try to connect with a friend that I have not seen in a long time..

Those of you that have read the book please leave a short review on Amazon. I know that some have tried and have been rejected because they don’t spend enough money on Amazon. This is a mercenary policy but I cannot change it. However if you have been rejected send me your review and I will use it on my web site. Thanks.

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