All Work is valuable

The incident regarding actor Geoffrey Owens working at Trader Joe’s is a good reminder that all work and workers should be respected. Yesterday my life was made easier by some who are seen, and some who I will never know. The concierges in my building,my mail person ,the bus driver that drove me to downtown and so many others who behind the scenes every day perform services often taken for granted. There is no shame in being a waitress ,a nursery aid or any other occupation and we should never look down on any person because of their occupation. Many of us have been blessed with enormous opportunities because family members daily performed work that was not easy or prestigious. Day in and day out parents went to factories, stores, offices and a host of other environments often for little pay and notoriety. Their work ,sweat and resilience created educational and employment opportunities for those they loved. I honor their work, grit and sacrifices and hope that I will always be aware that none of us are better than others because of our jobs or bank accounts.

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