New Movement

Major movements often start in the least likely places when an event causes someone or a group at the bottom of the pyramid to react. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat and it was one of the defining moments of the Civil Rights movement. A group of high school students who have experienced the horror of gun violence have come forth and are leading the search for a sane approach to the ongoing slaughter that all too frequently occurs in schools.They are going up against a powerful system of lobbyists and politicians who have done literally nothing to create possible solutions to this plague. Literally thousands before them have tried to go down this route but they have been ignored and pulverized by the vested interests of those who profit by doing nothing. Many believe that these young passionate students will be like the rest of those that have attempted change. They will be all bravado in their speech and marches but will soon fade away and nothing will change. I do not share this opinion.This is different ,and their passion has sparked a reaction among many of us that will join their attempt to find some sane, effective ways to prevent the next horror in some or other venue.They literally are the hope, and the torch has been passed and this white haired senior citizen will follow their lead.

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