I have lived in two other countries besides the United States.I know that there are mental people that are disturbed and this is true of every country on the planet. However, they DO NOT have mass murders every week and children are not slaughtered as they attend school. It is insanity to think that there is not something radically wrong in a society that merely accepts this carnage, mumbles platitudes about prayer and then forgets the latest tragedy. The first word that we revere in our heritage is LIFE and we have made a religion out of guns and resist any other attempt to get our hands around this on going menace. We protect weapons that can take out seventeen kids, magazines that hold multiple bullets and we consistently fall back on the belief that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. We allow a minor organization like the NRA to control what happens and our politicians that are bought say”this is not the time to discuss the issue.”Enough is enough, and the first step is to vote out in 2018 everyone who is bought and refuses to have a genuine discussion about what can be done.

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