Limits on Wonderful Persons

I am saddened by the legislators that continue to make the lives of our gay brothers and sisters more difficult. They continue to place pejorative labels on gay marriage and in some states they have made it almost impossible for a gay couple to adopt a child. I am led to believe that this comes primarily from a lack of contact and experience. I am sure they have never seen a parent in a gay relationship spend the entire night caring for a sick child.The day to day contact and joys of every couple ,be they straight or gay, have the same experiences. They pay the mortgage, go to soccer games, cut the lawn, shovel the snow and attempt to live out the dreams of their family.I know gay couples who are not only wonderful persons ;they are also outstanding parents. Despite the labels, the lack of compassion toward them they go on with their lives and have enhanced my life with their friendship. It is well past the time when we shoulder to shoulder with them rid the country of draconian laws and labels that hurt them.

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