Health Care

There is a chasm between those that believe that health care is a right and those that believe it is a privilege. I stand with those that believe that every citizen should have health care that is affordable and protects families. The Affordable Care Act is far from perfect but it was in my opinion a step in the right direction. If our politicians could focus on the common good they could over a period of time make the necessary adjustments that would make Health care more affordable and cover every person in our country. I have scrutinized the new attempt by the Congress and believe that it will be a disaster for millions of Americans. It so heavily favors those at the top and IMO naively puts forward concepts like multi state competition and health care saving accounts. As one who believes in the free market these sound good but they have no chance of being successful. It is time for us to keep the pressure on both parties and force them to produce a path that keeps the best of the current system while developing proven ways to improve the health and welfare of everyone.

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