March Madness

March Madness is going on in Washington also. The Republicans have created a tournament in which they are sponsoring Gladiator matches. In the first rounds of the tournament Haliburton knocked out Big Bird. The Pentagon five hundred dollar hammer scored a unanimous decision over Meals on Wheels. In the quarter finals Governor Ostrich defeated the people of Flint by a TKO. Also In this round, The Koch brothers prevailed against the EPA.The Wall progressed to the semi- finals soundly trouncing public education, and will meet the New Health plan who whacked the elderly and Medicaid recipients. This tournament according to budget director Mick Mulvaney was enthusiastically supported by single mothers and out of work coal miners. They are tired of spending money on those who are on the margins and enthusiastically buy the Marie Antoinette motto over Mulvaney’s desk” Let them eat cake.”
The tournament sponsors agree that this will have no effect on trimming the budget, but have polled the public who would rather finance weekly trips to Mar a Lago and a second home in Manhattan then take care of the sick and elderly.

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