Hungry Veteran

This past week while on my way to Cafe Nero a man asked me for some loose change. He said he had not eaten in two days.I never give money to anyone on the street but told him I would be happy to have him accompany me for a sandwich at the cafe.I was thrilled that he agreed, and because he was so disheveled people avoided both of us while we selected the food.We asked to share one of the booths but the person was so appalled at the man’s appearance that he without speaking left the cafe.
I was not surprised to find out the the man was a vet that had been living on the street for years.He spoke little ,and I did not push him but gave him my card and told him that if he ever needed to talk to someone I lived only a few blocks away. We often say that men like him are so valued by our society ,and I wished in some small way to repay him for his service.

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