I am often told that I have genuine public speaking ability. This belief is usually followed by statements like” I know it is easy for you Sal because you are a natural.” Guess what? I have spoken to groups as large as a couple of thousand and some as small as five. The one common denominator is that never once was I not full of fear before I went on stage .To my knowledge I have never laid an egg, but the voice of “Doom and Gloom Sal” always poses the possibility that this may happen.

Fear is natural in so many endeavors, but I refuse to let it own me, and plowing through it has led to experiences way beyond my imagination. It is natural to feel the shivers in any endeavor, but there are so many joys on the other side of the fear. Your comfort zone may be all warm and cuddly ,but stepping beyond it and fear offers more than you can imagine.

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