Give Yourself Permission

Harold Greenwald the founder of “Direct Decision Therapy once told me that a good portion of our lives is spent asking for permission.He made it clear that he was not blaming others for our behavior, but indicated that the major decision we make about ourselves initially came from others. All along the way we ask permission for a host of choices, and permissions are often because we need to please others.
Permission from others is certainly part and parcel of every life, but what about personal permission?The need to change any aspect of our life and become who we deeply believe we want to be requires a new permission. It may be difficult to believe, but at some point in time the most important decision is personal.Transformation,passion for life and the fulfillment of purpose is in the hands of giving oneself permission.Pleasing others may be important, but we only go around once and giving yourself permission to select different choices may lead you to the brass ring.

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