What Do You Need from Me

One of the questions I consistently ask in my consulting business is”What do you need from me to be successful.” I cannot operate in an insular fashion that believes I always know what the expectations are.If I know what the expectations are then specific agreements and plans can be developed. In a sense that question can be adapted to individual needs.Most persons will find it difficult to ascertain what anyone needs from them without being told specifics.Many times it seems that we expect people to read our minds, and often we are disappointed because our needs are not being met.
In moments of reflection it is healthy to ask yourself the questions about need. “What do I need from others” is critical because if I don’t truly know what I need how can I expect others to divine the answers.It is not selfish to identify needs, and can be the foundation for deeper personal and even career fulfillment.Have an,unfiltered conversation with yourself and surface the needs that you feel are not being met.

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