Baggage Area

Never in all of the hundreds of times that I have been waiting in the baggage area for my luggage did I experience fear.Yesterday the unthinkable horror happened to persons merely waiting to retrieve their suitcases.Unfortunately we have almost been numbed by this sort of violence, and certainly our hearts go out to the victims and their families, but perhaps there is something we can reinforce in ourselves.None of us can prevent this type of random violence, but each of us can reinforce the only part of life that leaves us some choices.There are no guarantees that life will go on and on impervious to the madness of others, but each of us should pause today and realize the beauty of each second that we have .Smell the flowers is not merely some pithy saying, and it blends with a host of other things that make our lives such precious treasures. Love someone,take some risks,dust off some dreams and give yourself permission to be fully alive.The only guarantee that you hold is that when you grab your life by the tail the priceless gift will be lived to the fullest.

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