Marching Women

So many of my friends and loved ones marched in different cities yesterday, and my hope is that the march will be followed by active participation .My hope is that this is a movement to make our government more responsive to the citizenry. It is in my opinion beyond partisanship and gets to the root of what truly makes America great. The lobbyists own the game, and it is time for all of us at the local and national level to start taking back the role that is rightfully ours. This is a land that stands for the abolition of racism, sexism homophobia and any prejudice against anyone because of their diversity.My belief is that this spontaneous explosion will move beyond labels to action and hold all of the politicians” feet to the fire.

I am blessed to have been raised by wonderful women ,and have a family and network full of outstanding females.I am thrilled by their willingness to openly lead the way to the fulfillment of the ideals that have made America the shining light on the hill.

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