The weather has become spring like, and here in Washington the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.The past few days enable me to forget the cold biting days of winter. I am eager to forget being housebound in the grey overcast . Now is the time for flowers,walks in the park, and wonderful lunches overlooking the Potomac river. In essence the weather reflects life.The dark moments when nothing is going right ,and just getting through a day is an accomplishment.,and hope seems to be sheer folly.

Fortunately the darkness often gives way to a ray of light that gives birth to the belief that the new day may be filled with some positive alternatives..This phenomenon can also be true in our lives.The pain and difficulty of circumstances may so pulverize the spirit that hope appears to be childhood whimsy.However many moments of darkness will not remain forever. I recall the words I heard years ago at the funeral of my grandmother
“this too shall pass.”

If life has encapsulated anyone in the shadows I pray that the sunlight seeps through the dark curtains, and gives them hope that a new day will be better.

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