Christianity like all major religions and mammoth social change was radical in its beginnings.The Beatitudes went against the grain, and called for an elevated level of commitment to others and the community..Forgiveness,love and caring for everyone were central ,
and there was no room for hatred or bigotry.The call was more than attendance at services ,and valued what was done on a daily basis to be most important

To sanitize these core roots, and to replace them with laws that demand exclusion and bigotry violates the message, and turns the “good news” into a sterile way of life.The call of Easter is not to build a wall around the message, but rather to realize that all can be overcome when we love each other.

Today is a celebration of more than the beauty of Easter lilies and new clothes.It is a call to each of us ,regardless of color,creed or any other definition to model the beauty of those root beliefs.

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