Bakery conversation

I felt as though I was on Candid camera while having breakfast at the corner bakery yesterday. The place was mobbed with tourists and it was necessary to share tables.I was seated with a couple that were quite unhappy with the government,the changes in society, and the perception that institutional changes violated their moral code. I decided that I would keep my big mouth shut, but honestly I was biting my lip at some of their statements.

At one point they were particularly upset that the Supreme Court was forcing them to do business with gay people.They clearly thought as Americans they had a right to avoid persons that were immoral, and it seemed unconstitutional.At this juncture they asked me what I thought of the situation.Swallowing hard I gently asked”How many gay persons do you know?” They looked at me as though I had two heads.”Why none of course.”I replied that might be the key issue with how you are feeling.”

For the next twenty minutes we had the most civil conversation.I did not preach, but clearly put forth my core beliefs and they really appeared willing to listen.Shouting them down would have had no benefit, and it is easy to see persons as the”other” when you have no contact.

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