Thank you

We live in a time period where there is a great deal of mistrust in institutions that have been the cornerstone of our society.There is a tendency to dismiss any government agency, or anyone who is part of the establishment. However, in this period of heightened anxiety due to the recent terrorist attacks it is well to note that there are people who 24/7 work tirelessly to keep us safe. They are often not seen, and they do not flood the networks with soundbites ,but are ever vigilant in trying to get at the root of the terrorist networks.Day in and day out they piece together bits of information and attempt to infiltrate the world that seeks to do us harm.The work often leads to dead ends ,but despite this they tenaciously continue with little or no praise.

Every death is one too many, but we do not know how many attempts that have thwarted due to their dedication.Their challenges are almost beyond comprehension, and though we may never know their names we should gratefully honor and respect their work.

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