Minimum Emotional Support

Many Americans are living longer more healthy lives due to the ongoing counsel they receive.Floss your teeth daily,limit your food intake,give up smoking,exercise and take certain medications to control your blood pressure.There is support for a healthy approach to our bodies ,and most of us have a sense of our daily minimum requirements.However, I believe that is not true for our emotional well being which is often too dependent on the opinions and evaluations of others.It is common to be taught that endorsing yourself as a person that deserves to be loved ,needed and respected is selfish.I believe that this is not healthy and endorsing yourself is as vital to your health as all of the physical prescriptions that we are counseled to follow.We need a minimum of daily self endorsement to keep in balance the natural tendency to be too self critical.
It has been my experience that loving yourself does not make you more insular, but rather more generous and giving to others.The statement that” you should love others as you love yourself is still the gold standard for a healthy life.”

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