Rags to Riches

A year ago the Seton Hall men’s basketball program was a disaster. The straw that broke the camel’s back was an embarrassing loss to Marquette in the Big East Tournament. Th coach had a mutiny mid season,and fans,including myself were calling for the administration to fire him.. I did not believe that there was any way forward for the coach, and worried about his mental health. He appeared defeated, and his posture at the end of the last game indicated he was a beaten man.
Yesterday that coach led his team to the championship of the Big east Tournament at Madison Square garden. Coupled with that he shared the honor of being voted coach of the year by his peers.He apparently altered many of the behaviors that led to his Waterloo
and used failure as a learning experience.

We all fail at something, and yet that is vastly different than branding ourselves as failures. The biggest failure in life is to let those stumbles define who we are.Failure is an opportunity to learn and grow, and the only real failure is the retreat from getting off the deck and trying again.

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