The Arts

Sorry to see the last episode of Downton Abbey because it captivated me through each season.I cared about the characters and as in all good writing they became so real that I believed I knew them on a personal level.This is the the beauty of the arts, and why we should support those wonderfully creative people that spend their lives developing works that elevate our souls and minds. The actors,actresses,playwrights,film makers ,writers painters, musicians,composers and all whose devotion makes our lives more fulfilled deserve our praise and support.. The lyrics of a song that moves us to tears, or the portrayal of a villain that promotes the desire for us to make the world a little better are moments that take us out of the ordinary to the world of enrichment, and the experiences often have a lasting effect on us.

I tip my hat to everyone that today,yesterday and tomorrow who
makes the arts the stairway to our growth and understanding of the myriad wonder of the human experience.

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