Jeanne Mount

I learned last night that Jeanne Mount had died.She was one of the most remarkable people that I had the privilege to know. Jeanne and her husband Chet had five wonderful children when tragedy struck not once but three times. Eldeen,Neil and Tommy all were healthy children,but at a certain age went blind over night and suffered every awful side effect possible. All three died as adolescents and fortunately two other children Chip and Peggy never suffered with this illness. Despite this reality the Mount home was a magnet for everyone who knew them,I found myself a better person everytime I had the good fortune to be with the family. Fortunately Chip and Peggy never experienced the horror of their sister and brothers.but they were also filled with the love and kindness they had experienced from their parents.

Jeanne had a heart that embraced not only her family, but each person she met along the way.In many ways she was a modern day saint ,and my wonderful memories of her make me want to be a better person.
My condolences to Chip,Peggy and all who loved her.;there will never be another like her.

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