The Now

Today was really my first day out and it felt good to experience the cold air on my face as I walked to the post office. Along the way there is a small park and I observed a young man in a tee shirt sitting in the park He was shivering and my heart went out to this poor soul freezing while I was dressed so warmly. Suddenly out of nowhere a young woman appeared carrying a blanket and a cup of what appeared to be Starbucks coffee. She sat down next to the man on the bench and after a few minutes draped the blanket over his shoulders and offered him the drink. At one point she collected his backpack and belongings and led him across the street to the church that serves breakfast and dinner to those down on their luck.

I went to the post office but on my way back the young woman was leaving the church so I stopped and spoke to her. She informed me that her brother was a combat vet in Iraq and for a few years he was on the street, and they could not find him. Apparently some Good Samaritan helped him and through treatment and being connected again with his family he is doing currently doing well. She suspected that the young man in the park was a veteran, and so she decided maybe this was the opportunity for her to be his good Samaritan. She went to get coffee, picked up the blanket from her car and hopefully helped this young vet on the path to recovery.

There are so many wonderful people in this world and today I was privileged to meet one.

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