9/11 part2

It seems incredulous to believe that so many years have passed since that indelible mark on our hearts and souls.Watching those magnificent towers crumbling to the ground created a Grand Canyon of sorrow around the nation. Ordinary people went to work on that brilliant day never realizing that this would be there last moment on earth.The terror that hatred spawned robbed so many of their loved ones ,and in many respects stole innocence from all of us.We could not conceive that this could happen anywhere in America.
The pain is ongoing for many families and closure is a nice concept because life must go on for those who mourn ,but grief does not have a calendar.To remember the fallen is noble. but to take them with us in the quest for building a more perfect union is profound.Our sorrow must be turned into action, and to embrace their memories by making our neighborhoods towns and cities places where community is vibrant, and the core of the principles on which this land was built.We are not powerless, and digging deeply into how we felt toward every American on that horrific day will allow us to stop shouting at each other, and embrace our differences in dialogue not slogans.

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