Why the Anger?

It appears that everyone is angry .Republicans are angry,Democrats are angry,Independents are angry and those with no political affiliation are angry. We well know that anger is a secondary emotion so what are the real sources of this anger? I believe the prime veins are a sense of powerlessness and frustration.Despite the group or political leaning people are tirde of do noting politics. Unfortunately this anger blocks reason, and is used against all the groups. Politicians live and die with playing he blaming game, and so our anger is unfocused and unlike the reaction to 9/11 we achieve no significant change by battling citizens with diverse opinions.

We have so much in common in our aspirations for our country, but we lose impetus and power because our anger blocks the road to common ground.Many of my friends differ at first glance with me on a host of issues but there is not one doubt that if we were in charge at the end of the day we would find understanding and agreement.Our separateness caused by the system is the barrier that must be crossed. Politicians are not today ,tomorrow or ever going to be serious about Infrastructure,fair taxes,stemming violence,creating freedom and justice for all despite race,religion,belief or sexual preference. It.It is up to us.It does not say that we are to be led by the blind and the political deaf.It says we are are a government of the people,by the people and for the people.

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