In two days we will memorialize one of the most tragic days in American history. It was a day when not a single person focused on the gender,race or sexual preference of the victims. We did not break into categories whose lives mattered more than others. Those heroic cops and firemen who put their lives on the line did not for one second care about the political or religious beliefs of those trapped in those infernos.We as members of the public shed our petty differences and held each other up,and there were no strangers. We were Americans not Democrats,Republicans or other. There were no litmus tests because we were bound with an intense love for country that washed away all that separates us..We did not think in terms of walls to separate us, or which of our citizens deserved full rights.It was us against any who would harm us, and we made room in our hearts for difference .

That magnificent melding into an iron love has been fractured since that horrific day and now we have so many check lists that determine who we support and which causes merit the fullness of civic rights. We listen not to voices that seek harmony and love ,but rather to the most strident. Our ears may just as well be stuffed with cotton because what only gets through are the messages that support our iron clad positions.I wonder what those good souls who died that day in New York.DC and Pennsylvania would think of our divisive postures?

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