Every life has a certain amount of regrets but some wishes are still available. Going back to school ,or learning a new skill ,or taking language lessons and a host of other opportunities need not be relegated forever to the regret bin because of age.Some may be lost due to the fact that they were a once in a lifetime deal, but so many others are still there, Instead of wasting energy and feeling badly about them maybe it is time to move from regret to action.I had regrets as a college journalism major that I had not written much during the bulk of my life but one day I decided that age and circumstances would no longer stand in the way of my writing. I put my body on the chair, set that goal to write a novel and moved forward. My regrets have vanished, and I have three new writing projects rather than the sorry reflections of yesteryear.

Check your regret file and see if any of the wishes need to move to the active section.

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