Wall Street

The last few days on Wall Street have created a wave of anxiety for many of us.The hits keep coming, and we fear the dreaded scenario that it will continue and we will lose our security .It is certainly reasonable to be concerned, but this is not the first or the last time that Wall Street will be on a roller coaster, Remember the looming scenario in 2007 when we saw the market in free fall. Many believed that we were headed for another great Depression.We survived that, and despite a painful recession the market soared to new heights. Despite the black cloud forecasts of many pundits the sky did not fall ,and I believe that we will once again survive this major bump in the road.

We are a resilient people who understand that like life financial markets has its highs and lows. So my advice for myself is not to get too crazy about the morning bell today ,and spend more time on the things that I can control.My smile and dedication to do something worthwhile for others today is within my reach. So that is where I will focus my energy. Being obsessed with financial crystal ball gazing wont do my heartburn or my world any good.

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