The Plague

When the Ebola phenomenon hit America the response was overwhelming and close to public panic . Masks were purchased by the thousands ,travel restrictions were imposed and government officials were vocal about the need to do whatever it takes to make sure the plague would not become rampant and out of control. There is another plague that has spread far worse in our land than Ebola. It strikes in schools and takes the lives of young children. It finds its way to movies,malls ,churches and Television interviews. It strikes with alarming frequency, and yet unlike the overwhelming response to Ebola the public and the government shrug their shoulders,decry the horror but literally do nothing until the plague strikes again. The plague is gun violence and we have it seems accepted it as part of the fabric of American life.
There is no vaccine that can prevent this, but being impotent because of the complexity of the plague is sheer madness. There are so many issues like mental health,a real dialogue on guns and more societal awareness on those who pose a danger to themselves and others.Some of these factors can not be easily solved, and the magic bullet does not exist but we cannot continue to ignore the reality that we are all vulnerable even in places that seemed beyond personal tragedy.

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