We are now engulfed in the mud slinging phenomenon called politics. Candidates spend most of their time and money pointing out how terrible the other candidate is and why the world will end if we don’t vote for them This strategy captures many people, and even some of my wonderful fiends on Facebook are lured by this deliberate attempt to play the public. I see friends on both sides of the issues branding those that have dissimilar positions. Liberals are said to be giving away the store while conservatives are deemed to be heartless and greedy. The politicians love this polarization and it enables them to do absolutely nothing. When they keep us shouting and immobilized then results toward our pressing challenges are not addressed. I have such respect for all my friends regardless of their political views and know that there is common ground on all of our challenges. I do not know one friend who does not want a safe planet,equality for all citizens,,quality education and fair pay and equal justice for all.If we continue to let the politicians pit us against each other we will leave the mammoth issues of our day without resolution.Isn’t it time to stop letting them use us as pawns.

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