Grudges are poison

There are memories and moments that live in such intensity that they influence your life forever. One of the moments that changed my life happened in a small cafe in the center of Vienna. I had experienced a series of interviews with Holocaust survivors and was experiencing an overwhelming sense of anger toward the Nazis. I shared my feelings with Viktor Frankl and though I knew he would not openly say he hated the Nazis I did not expect his response.He patiently listened to my cry for some sort of revenge and the gently uttered the words that still influence me to this day”Salvatore there can be no acts which even resemble justice, but carrying hatred or living with deep rooted grudges does not change anything.It will only minimize our lives to linger in the valley of revenge. Grudges though understandable poison the mind,body,heart and soul.It is not easy to miove beyond grudges but the attempt must be made to find meaning and purpose.If you carry grudges Salvatore you will be poisoned and the other person in many cases will be untouched.”

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