I love the opportunity to be a personal or organizational coach because watching others grow is so fulfilling.In the sports world even the most talented athletes have coaches who assist in the development of their skills.Coaching is not really about training, but rather development. Each of us would benefit from having someone observe,suggest and monitor the progress that leads to our most cherished goals.In my case it is not merely pointing out areas of deficiency but mutually creating a plan that offers real growth.The bonus is that as a coach Ihave found that much of what transpires with the other person is a souurce of personal knowledge that helps me to grow as well.Feedback is not harmful criticism but rather learning that keeps the process on target. If available I would strongly urge that you seek the guidance of a coach to partner with you as you learn new data that enables you to continue to grow. In my case I have found that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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