Grateful for what he has

Met my friend Perry yesterday and as usual I felt like I was learning at the feet of a person filled with wisdom.He has experienced the many restrictions that advanced age often brings ,and these have led him to a deeper appreciation of what he has at times taken for granted.He told me”My eyesight due to macular degeneration gets increasingly worse but all of my life I have had the gift of marvelous sight. My hearing despite aids has gotten to the point that at times I am close to being deaf ,but I have heard the sound of music my entire life.Walking without my cane is at best perilous ,but I have climbed mountains and walked through most of the major cities in the world. My life in essence has been blessed, and I realize that so many do not ever experience what I have because of lifetime handicapping conditions.We are blessed Salvatore and I never forget to be thankful and mindful that others walk a much more difficult than we have.” I never met Aristotle but if you look at Perry’s DNA I am sure he is related to him.

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