he magic of life can be dimmed early on when the words realistic and unrealistic become constant companions to our dreams. They are often shared so that we may not be hurt, or suffer some form of rejection. Certainly there are actions,plans and ventures that may be filled with major challenges but why stop dreaming because there may be some hurdles. Much of what makes life so precious appears to be unrealistic, and the cushion of comfort in striving to always be realistic may have a huge price tag. I admit that I have always been a dreamer as well as a doer, and there were moments when the price may have been in disappointment.However, there have been so many moments at the top of the mountain because I was unrealistic in my desires and dreams.The middle path may be safe and secure but there are rewards in the paths less traveled. Maybe it is time for you to give up one of the realistic barriers and place your toes outside of the comfort zone.

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