As I shaved this morning it dawned on me that I start exactly in the same place and follow a pattern that never deviates. This habit is rather harmless and makes little difference in my life, but I realized how many other rituals are performed at the emotional and behavioral level which may not be so harmless. Many of our emotional rules and regulations are behind the behaviors that may be preventing growth and new opportunities. They are the  sayings and cautions that consistently come from that little voice in our heads. Breaking some of these rituals like”I am too old to learn new tricks” can be adjusted and even deep sixed,, but they require insight,will and a series of behaviors that start to replace the old long standing habits. Age does not ever have to be a wall that one can never overcome, and accepting every limitation because the beard is grey or the head has less hair is a decision that can and in my opinion be revisited.New habits are waiting for your perusal and today there will be twenty thousand moments for you to sit in the armchair and survey the host of habits you have gathered,Tomorrow I will begin to shave on the other side, and then try to create a new voice in my head.

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