The real issues

I think there are times when we are immobilized because we are arguing about the past and totally ignoring the future.There are remnants of our past that cast a shadow that often leads to endless arguments about symbols,Keeping a flag up or taking it down is not a trivial matter, but it pales compared to the decision as where we choose to go as a nation.Systemic issues of poverty and equality will not vanish because we spend our energy on this issue. Rather I think we have the unique opportunity to address the roots of what causes so much rancor and strife.We as a nation have the technology and resources to rebuild our infrastructure ,create meaningful affordable education for all children, and offer living wages to all in our society. We can not wait for the polarized politicians that benefit from the rancor to lead.They have shown a singular inability to face the challenges of tomorrow. and wish to keep us mired in endless trivial arguments.We can and must act individually and collectively on a local level to evolve to the ideals that are the foundation of this great nation.

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