Independence day

We are about to celebrate as a nation the bold act of thirteen colonies publicly declaring their right to end their subservience to the then most powerful nation in the world.If Vegas existed there would be astronomical odds on the belief that this rag-tag group of colonists would have the will and courage to withstand the onslaught of a superior military force.If we examine the outcome we will see moments when the situation was so bleak that hope was all that was left.The courage and will to make this a place where everyone has a real opportunity to pursue life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness is part of our DNA and if we cave to the challenges that face us we betray the legacy of those who bled and even died that we might be free. They faced greater foes than lobbyists and those that ignore the needs of the community, so when we witness the fireworks this week may they ignite the will of all Americans to plunge into a re-commitment to fulfill the ongoing mission of our ancestors.

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