Historic Day

The decision from the Supreme Court on gay marriage was received differently yesterday by people in my circle.One in particular is a kind and gracious person who finds the decision to be off course, and a detriment to our society. He is not a bigot in any shape of the word, but for religious reasons he cannot conceive that these unions are true marriages.His faith and experience lead him to the conclusion that marriage has always been, and should remain the ritual reserved for a man and a woman.I understand this posture, but I do not share it.
I have known through the years many gay couples who evidenced the deepest care and love for each other.I never understood why their relationships had to be secret and hidden in emotional closets.Also I understood the variations that society was slowly doling out to their commitments by using the words “legal unions”. In reality they were still deprived of a right and privilege that should have been theirs under the Constitution.For me the news is wonderful, and I believe that we are stronger as a people because we have overcome another hurdle on our way to celebrating the lives and loves of all of our brothers ad sisters.

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