The chance to be exceptional

My father came to America from Italy and loved this country with his entire heart and soul. He had an inveterate belief in American exceptionalism iand despite wars,depressions and social strife he never wavered from that belief.Over and over the experiment of our Democracy has been stretched to the limit, but somehow despite overwhelming odds we as a people come together and face the challenges.Another hurdle in the pursuit of life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness faces us at the new crossroad.The question of race and how we deal with it has always been part of our story but in many ways the polarization has become stronger than ever.We can face this, and it will truly make us exceptional as a people, or we can retreat into seeking data that reinforces our separation.I am with my father on the belief that there is something special about us as a people, and we will rise to this massive challenge.I am reminded of the words of Winston Churchill who said’the wonderful thing about Americans is that after they have tried all the wrong solutions they always get it right.

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