Take down the flag and more

When four young girls were murdered in a Birmingham church it shook the American conscience to its roots.The ugly face of racism shone brightly with those murders and clarified the sins of bigotry and the evil of segregation. This past week we have seen that evil again. and it is a reminder that below the surface the history of segregation and slavery has not been totally rooted out. The death of those innocent girls gave leverage to beginning the just cause of real equality, for all citizens. Certainly there has been progress but having worked as a volunteer in Philadelphia I saw first hand the struggles of poverty and exclusion. It has gone on too long and we a nation are better than that, we must face the reality with action. Taking down the flag is a step in the right direction, but it is only a step. Racism and poverty will only be dealt with when we create better jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, create outstanding schools and stop letting fear determine how we see those who appear to be different than us.

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