Fathers day

It is amazing how academic learning and key research often begin in the simple environments of life. For years I have witnessed great performance in large and small organizations where the Leadership moves from one person and department to another. It was evident over and over that no one person had all the knowledge and that when truly persons were respected sand boxes and silos were minimized. People felt not only comfortable putting forth their ideas, but loved working together and realized that they were collectively creating legacy. I first witnessed this in my own family. Though born in Italy my father was not the typical macho male ,and it was evident that he and my mother were partners. Major decisions were not made from on high and in isolation ,but  were the results of open conversations and we as children were often asked for our input. On Father’s day I celebrate the model of that Leadership and rejoice in all of the other wonderful fathers like Bud Murray, my son John, my brothers Russ, Mark Tom, Jay,  Frank McNulty,Charlie Hudson ,Jack Murphy,and all those who along the way helped me understand the joy and responsibility of caring for children.

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