Message to all the Bullies

Congratulations, because for one more day you hid your fears and lack of self-worth by abusing an innocent kid that had no chance to fight back. Your bravado and brutality may be celebrated by others lacking in self-esteem who use violence and bias to hide their internal terrors. Throw out your chest and prance around hoping that tomorrow you will once again be able to hide how terrified you are ,or that bullying may avoid that someone will see through your veil and realize that you are merely a shell of what you might be. When you are alone at home, or looking in the mirror there are no shouts of “hit him again’ to mask the self-hatred you experience, but rather know that the shame and revulsion that the meager part of your conscience has retained will at some moment confront your conscious mind.
You may hide all of this from those who are as frightened as you ,and feeding off each other’s self-hatred and bias may get you through another day, but it will gnaw at you and never allow you to experience what you might have become.

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