Violence is never the answer

A lasting conversation with my friend and mentor Viktor Frankl always seems to come to the front of my brain whenever I hear the cries for matching violence with violence.I hear it every day when warring sides urge their fellow citizens to kill and mame the enemy. I hear it in response to real or perceived hurts or slights. “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” still is the foundation rather than the olive branch.My curiosity was contained for months regarding Viktor’s views on this topic but one day I asked him ,”How could you not hate the Nazis and didn’t you wish to beat them to a pulp for what they had done?.”He pensively paused before answering and said”Salvatore violence is never the answer. It only promotes more harm, and once started it is almost impossible to stop.If I hated the Nazis what would I have left?. They stripped me of so much that I loved but I will not give up the belief that love is more powerful than hatred.” Some would call his words naïve but I call them prophetic and profound.

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