Harold Greenwald one of my professors in graduate school and the author of “Decision Therapy”believed that at some point in the first ten years of life we make a critical deision about who we are. That decision is often based largely on perceptions and beliefs. These are true for us at that time but they may be merely relative truths ,but as a child we may take them literally. The decision as to who we are influences many if not all of the critical decisions we make in the future. Harold was not merely past oriented or looking for someone to blame, he was seeking a way for us to have real current input into the decisions about ourselves. He suggested we look at the beliefs that are the foundation of who we are and if those are blocking growth, then we need to substitute more healthy and positive beliefs. So many of the perceptions that block and limit us are merely impressions of so many factors beyond our control. The now offers us the opportunity to consciously make a decision that allows more healthy choices.

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