Strategies for handling the job

There is no strategy that fits all situations when one hates their job. The following are some considerations that may help.1.Develop a new set of beliefs. For example “I will find a way to make this job more meaningful.” or “I will develop a plan to find a more meaningful position” or” I know that in the next four months there will be another opportunity in my network.” 2. Revise your self talk. If you are constantly feeding your brain with negative self talk nothing will change.3.Ask your self and try to visualize “What would it be like if I did not have this problem?”4.What can you learn from your current situation? 5.If the situation is largely caused by a reporting relationship what can you do to improve it? What does your employer need from you to be successful? What do you need from your employer to be successful.6.Just before you go to sleep and when you wake up create a view that things will get better. 7.If possible, activate your sense of humor. Sometime a good laugh about the situation can be helpful.

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