Smell the roses.

When work becomes a place that that drains us of energy because we, for many reasons, have grown to dislike our present position ;it can be like living in a spiral. Everything is tainted by this reality and it can become a negative compulsive cycle. All of our thoughts may center on this and even when we are not at work we have no shut off mechanism. A friend told me recently “even on the weekends I am adsorbed by how unhappy I am at work.: My suggestion to somewhat break the routine is to realize that there is more to life than your job. It is vastly more than a cliché to “smell the roses”. Break your focus on the negative thoughts by realizing that life is time that is limited for all of us. When caught in the web it is easy to lose sight of the wondrous million blessings in every life. Today observe more the sounds and scenes that are all around you. The wondrous movement of the clouds above, the sounds of children as you walk to work. the wonderful aroma of coffee as you purchase your morning brew. or the cheerful smile of a stranger on the street. Everywhere you go today the opportunities to see life in a wider context are present. It is not a Pollyanna approach to become more aware of life in all the components that we miss when we are submerged in the anguish of the present. Smell the roses today even if you have to walk through the florist shop to have the opportunity.

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